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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know I can trust the tracking?
    We have chosen to use the Hasoffers platform which is used to power many affiliate networks. This provides a high level of service, ongoing development, and greater transparency for advertisers.
  2. Can I combine this with my in-house tracking?
    Yes, you can. You need to provide us with details so that we know how to construct your links. Provided both systems are set up with the same settings for cookie length etc, the results should be the same.
  3. Can I combine this with other affiliate networks?
    Yes, you can. However, doing this will have the same potential for double-tracking issues as working with multiple affiliate networks which needs to be managed.
  4. I have a couple of other affiliates that I want to keep. Can they join the OEPL system?
    No, we are not an open affiliate network.  The only "affiliates" on the OEPL network are websites that we manage and control. Allowing other websites to join would mean that we would need to spend time and resources policing them to ensure they only use the promotional methods that we believe are acceptable to our advertisers.
  5. How much commission should I pay?
    You need to look at your business and work out how much the extra sales are worth to you.  That should be competitive against the rates offered by other advertisers in your industry. You can offer different rates for each website, or a standard rate for all. There is also the option of performance incentives so you can offer higher rates for specific targets.
  6. When do I pay?
    Retail advertisers are invoiced in the first week of each month for all sales from the previous month. Payment terms are net 14 days.  New advertisers may be required to provide a bond or credit reference.
  7. What about cancelled sales?
    If you respond to sales emails during the month, those cancellations will be processed before your invoice is produced. Otherwise, just check the transaction listing with your invoice and let us know of cancellations then. Cancellations can be processed as an adjustment.
  8. Do you get all my sales information?
    No, using Hasoffers as our provider means that all traffic to is sent to their servers, not ours. We only see information on the sales we refer and where a matching cookie is on the customer's computer.

Advertisers - Expression of Interest

Because all OEPL advertising is performance-based, we are selective about which advertisers we take on. Please complete this form to request more information.

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